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Marine Main Engine Spare Parts
Valves & Fittings
Anchor Chain, Shackles & Fenders
Life Boat
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Oil & Grease
Seal & Bearing
Gasket & Sealant
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Services Area

Saat ini kami memiliki izin operasi meliputi seluruh wilayah perairan Republik Indonesia, dan dikonsentrasikan di wilayah Service area Jakarta dan Jawa Barat.

Supply Point

Supply point kami saat ini meliputi hampir seluruh pelabuhan utama yang berada di wilayahperairan Republik Indonesia.

About Us



PT RAODAH CAHAYA ABADI was established as a company engaged in the fulfillment of vessel needs. We supply a wide range of equipment to marine and general industry.

We have dedicated professional team and a warehouse in Jakarta, storing most of the items requested by vessels calling Indonesia. This facilitates us to fulfill the Vessels requirements by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time.


Becoming one of the trusted and leading marine supplier in Asia and International.


Our mission is to provide customer satisfactions at its best. Trust is our priority to keep strengthen relationship with our customers. We ensure clients get the best of quality product and services with our company.

Competition has becoming intense for most businesses and it affects rate of the product. Due to lower price, the quality of the product decreases in quality however, it is imperative to know that marine products should meet the standards of quality therefore bear in mind that picking the right marine supplier which supply quality of products and also competitive price seems the right solution for marine business.

Human resources

Our dedicated experienced team and active are becoming our asset to the company. Many challenges will arise in shipping industry but we make sure our team are be able to provide the best solution to our clients.


PT Ekalima Graha & Co.
PT Jakarta International Bunker
PT Petro Mulya Energy
PT Pagar Dewa Karya Utama
PT Pelayaran Duta Bahtera Line
PT Galangan Kalimas
PT Jendra Putra
PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali
PT Truba Jaya Engineering


We have been dealing and support national project and private project in throughout Indonesia. Such as supplying vessel needs such to help building and develop a new biggest port in Java. We also support and supplying the products to State Project for example PLTU Muara Karang & Tg Priok, PLTGU Muara Karang & Tg Priok and PLTGU Muara Tawar. The products ranging from electrical equipments, safety and also Diesel needs (HSD).

Management & Organisation

Haris Muliyanto

BSc. (Hons)


Rudy S Marannu



Riady Budiman


Deputy CEO

Stock & Supply These Quality Brands

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Contact Us




Jl. Sungai Brantas No. 188 RT.15/RW.01 Kelurahan Samper Barat Kecamatan Cilincing Jakarta Utara – 14130


Jl. Bengawan Solo RT.022/RW.001 Kelurahan Samper Barat Kecamatan Cilincing Jakarta Utara – 14130

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